About NJ Art Association



The  NJ Art Association  (originally called the Millburn-Short Hills Art Center), is one of the oldest art associations in New Jersey.   It was formed in 1940 as a not for profit organization with simple purposes.

NJ Art Association, as it is now commonly known, encourages art education and appreciation; commends the work of its members and other individuals and arts groups; offers opportunities for growth in the arts and the development of local talent, and sponsors programs by highly qualified presenters for its members and the community.

Most NJ Art Association members are visual artists — amateurs and professionals and whatever is in between — who share those goals and a love of art. In addition to mounting their own exhibitions and demonstrations, the center’s members join together several times a year to show their work in such venues as the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn and the Mayo Center for the Performing Arts in Morristown as well as libraries, hospitals, community centers and corporate offices.

NJ Art Association members share the belief that visual art has recuperative powers for its creators and its viewers.  We take great pleasure, therefore, in joining Atlantic Health to exhibit the work of our members.



NJ Art Association was originally founded on Sept. 18, 1940 as the Millburn-Short Hills Arts Center (MSHAC), a nonprofit, supportive community organization with simple but important purposes:

  • encourage and promote art education and appreciation
  • commend the talent and work of members, and other individuals and arts groups
  • offer opportunities for growth in the arts and an enthusiastic exchange of ideas
  • promote the development of local art talent
  • sponsor art programs by highly qualified presenters for our members and the community



PRESIDENT Michael DziombaVICE PRESIDENT Mike Fenton ;  TREASURER _______

SECRETARY Marian Jones ;   EXHIBITIONS Anastasia Mancuso ;   MEMBERSHIP Anastasia Mancuso 

TRUSTEES Dorothy SiclareMichael McKennaCharles Miller Jack Quinn  

Roberta Millman-Ide