NJ Art Association
recognizes different categories of membership. The rights and privileges of membership are the same for each category. However, we have established different fees for people in different stages in their life.

- Regular membership: $25 per year per individual & $50 for family

- Senior (over 62): $20 per year  (Family Senior: $35)

- Student (a degree granting or certification program): $20 per year

- Patrons (those who elect to support NJ ART ASSOCIATION by generously giving a little more than dues):
                 $35 for senior, $50 for regular

click here for Membership pdf form      (you can click here to download Adobe Reader)

and save to your computer; then fill out and send form and monies to:

Anastasia Mancuso, 79 Old Army Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924



The MSHAC (now called NJ Art Association) Board has adopted a resolution requiring that new members have e-mail access to receive such information as prospectuses, meeting dates and dues notices. 
The change in policy, effective for the 2012-2013 membership year, was adopted at a meeting on June 2. It grew out of two developments, said Michael S. Fenton, the M-SHAC president (during this 2012-13 addendum).  “We have come to realize,” he said, “that 90 percent of our members communicate with us online.   And the cost of ‘snail mail’– both in dollars and in the volunteer time it requires – has grown rapidly.”
After July 1, therefore, all M-SHAC (now called NJ Art Association) communications will be distributed through e-mail or here on the center’s website.
Members whose dues were paid for 2011-2012 and who do not have e-mail addresses will be exempt from the new rule if they pay their 2012-2013 dues by the deadline, June 30.   Members for whom M-SHAC (now called NJ Art Association) does not have e-mail addresses on file will be contacted by telephone to ensure that they are aware of the policy change.  Going forward, there will be NO PRORATING OF DUES.  The dues year is from June 1 to May 31.  Since we send out dues notices on or about May 1, new members who join in May of a given year, will be paid up for the membership year beginning on June 1.
Those who do not have online access are encouraged to use computers in public libraries or seek help from friends or relatives with access.

*  Membership and other forms can also be found on our DOWNLOAD ALL FORMS webpage.